“Having the practice gives us a chance to find something that is beyond the ups and downs, beyond the times when things do or don”t work out so well for us.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn


Friday evening 30th April 2021 – Sunday afternoon 2nd May 2021

Led by Barbara Hussong and Chantek McNeilage

Dear Friends

We have pleasure in announcing and inviting you to attend this 2-day online retreat, offering the opportunity to practice together, supported by guided meditations, movements, readings and sharing.

Many of us will have experienced a lot of difficulties and challenges during the last months.  It is time now, to come together for a renewal of our energies, our spirit and our practice.

Spring is emerging, time now to tap into the rhythm of the changing seasons and transition out of winter, harnessing the forces of new growth and development, opening to renewal with courage and kindness.

Over these two days we will have time to deepen our practice and resource ourselves together, through a mix of practices supporting renewal and balance.

The practices will be lightly guided allowing us to open into our own inner inquiry and embodied grounded connection.

Each day there will be a talk or theme given by one of the facilitators and a time to share your experience.

It is important to participate in the entire retreat.

The retreat will be held on the Zoom platform and we encourage you to have your video camera on where possible.

If you haven’t used Zoom on your device, you might want to check it here Zoom Test to see if your system is compatible with it.

You will need enough space for movement, lying down, standing and sitting practices.

Please consider that the home environment is conducive for you to settle into a retreat.

Please do make contact if you have any questions or would like to discuss the retreat in any way with me: chantekmary@live.co.uk

Warmest Wishes ~ Chantek