“Quick now, here, now, always – A condition of complete simplicity (Costing not less than everything) And all shall be well and All manner of thing shall be well.”

T.S. Eliot

mindfulness courses and events

Online and In-Person Courses:-

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Finding Peace in a Frantic World
Mindfulness in Nature
The Full 8-Week Course on Zoom, 1-2-1 and Groups

(please check here to see when the ‘in person’ courses re-start)

The fee for the course, plus workbook and recordings will vary according to either one-to-one or a group.  There are concessionary places available if needed.  You will be eligible to attend any Silent Days and also participate in the fortnightly practice sessions.

Please contact Chantek to discuss any queries you may have.

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living 2022

This course invites you to deepen into the heart of mindfulness, kindness and compassion.  Pease see the link page for more details.  Do get in touch if you have interest in this course so that I can put you on a waiting list.

This course is available to those who have already attended an 8-week mindfulness course either with myself or another or an established practice.

Silent All-Day and Half-Day Practice 

To be announced as soon as the venue is open to booking.  If you have a wish to attend please do get in touch and you will be put on a waiting list.


Mindfulness Practice Support Online: Practice Group runs Fortnightly via Zoom

Due to all the challenges we face with the current coronavirus the monthly practice group will now be offered fortnightly online on Tuesday evenings.

Anyone who has done one of my mindfulness course or a mindfulness course elsewhere is welcome to join. Please do get in touch if you would like to be on the mailing list.  The fortnightly practice group will run on a Tuesday evening from 7.00pm-7.45pm via Zoom.  The usual fee for the evening has been waived with the invitation, if you wish, to pop an extra something in the food bank collection bin at your local supermarket.

If you would like more information please do contact me via email for more details.  I look forward to being with you, and being together supporting our mindfulness practice.


Distance Learning – via Zoom

Chantek runs the Mindfulness Distance Learning Courses for the Mindfulness Network – please contact the network for details of these courses which have been running worldwide for many years.

Please Note:

There will be concessionary places on Chantek’s courses,
please get in touch if you feel you would like to attend a course but have limited funds.

Becoming Mindful ~ Autumn Dates 2021 


Mindfulness in the Botanic Gardens Cambridge:

20th September – 4th October 2021
Three Monday morning sessions: 10am – 12.30pm
You are invited to explore your relationship between mindfulness, yourself and nature in the exquisite botanic gardens in Cambridge. 
Please do speak with Chantek and visit the Botanic Gardens website for more details and an application form.

Please book for this event via Botanic Gardens directly.


Silent All Day:

Ashdon Village Hall, nr Saffron Walden
Saturday 25th September, 9.45am – 4pm

A spacious venue where all necessary precautions will be taken.
A day to come together ‘in person’, sharing mindfulness practices.

Please contact Chantek to book this event: chantekmary@live.co.uk

Finding Peace in a Frantic World: Online

7th October – 25th November 2021
Thursday evenings, 6.30pm – 8pm (8 weeks)

Please contact Chantek to book this event: chantekmary@live.co.uk

2 Day Online Retreat: ‘Resourcing and Reconnection’

5th – 7th November 2021

co-led with Gwennie Fraser

Please contact Chantek to book this event: chantekmary@live.co.uk

2 Day Online Retreat: ‘Opening to What Is’

19th – 21st November 2021

co-led with Barbara Hussong

Please contact Chantek to book this event: chantekmary@live.co.uk

Mindfulness-Based Compassionate Living

~ course coming in early 2022 ~ 



If you are teaching or delivering mindfulness-based courses Chantek offers professional supervision and is registered as a supervisor with the Mindfulness Network.


If you are interested or have more enquiries about the courses, future dates or would like to be on a waiting list please contact Chantek using the form below. 

Chantek Mary McNeilage
Listed with BAMBA for Mindfulness-Based Teachers.


Mobile: 07970 181775 – (preferred)
Telephone UK: 01799 527084
Email: chantekmary@live.co.uk 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

With warm wishes ~ Chantek 

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Chantek provides becoming mindful mindfulness courses and retreats for participants throughout East Anglia. Whether you live in Cambridge, London, Royston, Saffron Walden, Bishop’s Stortford, Stansted, Haverhill or London – Please do get in touch.