“Having the practice gives us a chance to find something that is beyond the ups and downs, beyond the times when things do or don”t work out so well for us.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

distance learning

If you are unable to find an MBSR mindfulness learning course in your area, Chantek offers distance mindfulness learning using a combination of telephone instruction, audio recordings sent via email and workbook notes sent by post. Throughout the mindfulness learning you will be offered support through telephone sessions and email communications. Distance mindfulness learning can offer a convenient and accessible alternative to those with busy working lives or unpredictable schedules who would find it difficult to attend a regular mindfulness course.


  • 45 minute orientation call with the course teacher following application.
  • 9 x 1 hour weekly phone calls, and where possible, access to a day of mindfulness practice.
  • 1 to 1 instruction in formal mindfulness meditation practices, including sitting meditation, gentle movement and stretching and body awareness exercises.
  • Guidance and support in establishing your own personal practice
  • A daily programme of home practice to help integrate mindfulness in daily life.
  • Course material including a practice handbook and guided audio recordings of the practices.
Distance Learning – via Zoom

Chantek runs the Mindfulness Distance Learning Courses for the Mindfulness Network – please contact the network for details of these courses which have been running worldwide for many years.