“Having the practice gives us a chance to find something that is beyond the ups and downs, beyond the times when things do or don”t work out so well for us.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn


What can be done together is often greater than what can be done individually. There is something rewarding about sharing and receiving the experiences of others that begins to show us we all share the same challenges.

The course consists of nine weekly session of two hours each.  The group mindfulness courses will vary in size but will generally be between 6 to 14 participants. There will be an orientation session, where Chantek will introduce herself and a little of her background. There is an opportunity for participants to share, as much or as little as they wish, as an introduction.

This orientation to group work creates a warmth and opening that takes participants into the content of the course. Whilst sharing is needed, the silence of participants is deeply respected. There will be a guided ‘All Day’ session offered for the group to come together, in silence, to practice and integrate all that they have been given.